Hopes and Dreams

Okay, so it’s not exactly a super original post but hear me out.

My dreams of what I wanted in my life have changed dramatically since I was old enough to remember what they were. I mean if you ask 5 year old me, I wanted to marry a boy that was the son of a family friend (he was going to be a vet apparently), I was going to be a mum.. and that was it. So simple, well I got halfway there, I am definitely a mum. The boy on the other hand, is not someone I maintained that kind of interest in beyond childhood. Dreams change as you develop new values and ideals as well as what you materialistically want to manifest into your life.

For example, throughout my teenage years (and the first couple of years of my 20’s) I wanted a big house, with a big kitchen (hey, I like the idea of cooking together without the ever present bumping into and tripping over one another), a his and hers closet space, oh and a huge backyard so my kids could run around with plenty of space for kiddy shenanigans and games. That changed again earlier this year. I watched a documentary called “Minimalism” which for me, was a giant eye opener into what I actually wanted out of life. Now I was wanting a small home, think tiny homes (google/Pinterest it, I promise they’re not as unusual as you think), but I still want it on a big plot of land (recently I decided that land should be an island 😛 ) somewhere near a source of water and foresty sort of area. I want my kids… *plural because I intend to have more* … to have the space to climb trees or build and craft things from stuff they found on the ground or near the edge of the water.


Though I still wanted a space that was adult-friendly. Where my partner (lets call him “D” for now) could have time together doing the things that we love to do as well. Materialistic things like a giant closet just didn’t feel realistic anymore, I even scanned all the photos in my house onto the computer so that I didn’t have to find storage for them anymore. It seems daunting – throwing away all these things we think are important or significant, or that we keep out of obligation to somebody… but it was one of the most liberating things I have done in my adult life. My hopes now are that my future is sustainably built and full of memories and experiences rather than things that ultimately do me no good. I’m yet to hear of anyone on their death bed wishing that they had bought more, worked more or care more about what they looked like than having adventures and experiences they could be proud of.

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Have you had an epiphany or a-ha moment where you just knew that everything you ‘wanted’ wasn’t really  what you wanted?