About a month ago now I enlisted the help of my mum, her partner and my fiancé D to upcycle K’s first cot (before we managed to get him a brand new one). I wanted to give it new life as a toddler bed for K before he needed a big boy bed. I’d been mentally designing it for a few months in my head, I wanted it to be a floor bed, it had to utilise as much of the original cot as possible so  we didn’t have to pay any extra for things like screws and planks etc. and it had to have a bed head and a bed tail/end/etc.

So I finally managed to get myself organised and get all the pieces together, went over the rough design with my enlisted group and we got to work. First we trimmed down the pieces to how I’d drawn them out (basically chopping off the legs and the country-retro style piece of the headboard, as well as shortening the tail end of the bed so it was roughly mattress height). We Then painted over the cot, keeping it white but just giving it a bit of a fresh look. We used one of the side railing pieces to create a side barrier so K wouldn’t accidently roll out too. (Pictures at the end of the post.) Once it had all been put together to make sure it looked right, we put the screws in to hold it together. Unfortunately due to the holes having been predrilled, the screws didn’t stay in very well (they slip out if you try to push and pull the bed), however if you don’t move the bed all is fine.

We tried getting K to take his naps in the toddler bed so we could transition him out of the cot and take it out of the room. But for a few weeks he only wanted to sleep on the floor, so I decided to only put him in the toddler bed on occasion, up until recently at least. On Monday I put him in the toddler bed and he stayed in there for his whole nap *cue mama victory dancing*. So I made sure that if I’d checked on him and he was asleep, to leave the door shut but not to the point it clicked into the frame, very slightly ajar. It seems that it has been working because he still goes down in his toddler bed at the end of the week, he gets himself up and comes out once he is done napping. We plan to try an overnighter in the toddler bed this weekend *fingers crossed*.

Have you guys tried bed transitioning yet? What did you find worked? What were your setbacks/ triumphs/ surprises?

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