Review of Washboard bag

Okay, so I ran a brief and somewhat rough test with K’s cloth nappies which were the original reason for the project (in the hopes we could take then overseas and avoid ‘sposies’.

Anyway, parts of the zigzag pattern peeled away from the bag (probably from me bending the bag to get a grip whilst scrubbing) and the bag i chose actually leaked as i was scrubbing leaving me wiyh wet hands and a puddle on my scrubbing surface, which fortunately for me was my bathtub, so all in all it worked somewhat.

I may have added a few too many items though as the actually nappy shell wasn’t quite clean, but the liners i put in (which are what really needs the scrubbing anyway) soaped up well and seemed to be cleaner.

So I think I’ll call it a half success. A heavier based bag as opposed the the one i bought would have been much more successful at holding and retaining water as I scrubbed, and all dots as opposed to a dot and zigzag pattern too. I hope this helps on your efforts to make your own version. Good luck and get crafty 😀