Travel Washboard Bag

Okay beautiful people, first things first… I apologise for my hiatus in posting, I have been seriously lacking motivation for doing a lot lately. Secondly, I know this was meant to be posted over the weekend, but I had much less time than I anticipated. Now that’s out of the way… what you’re here really here for – how to make your very own washboard travel laundry bag.
Step 1: Invest in your supplies –

gluegun                                           drybags

Glue Gun (with refills)       &        Dry bag (mine is a Bluefield 40L in orange off


Step 2: Plug in your glue gun and add the first stick to it. Flip your dry bag inside out so the side with the waterproof lining is then external.


Step 3: Once the glue gun has heated up and likely begun to ooze… start your “pattern” of glue about 2 – 3 inches below the opening of the bag and about 1.5-2 inches from the side fold when its flat on your work surface leave about a centimetre before the seam at the base. I used 2 variations for my glue pattern – dots (as seen on a Scrubba bag) and a continuous zigzag/wave (see yellow pattern below). Leave to dry.


Step 4: Once your first side is dry (mine was pretty quick… but I did mine while K was on his nap) flip it over and start doing the same pattern on the opposite side. Once done, leave to dry (I ended up doing my second side with K on his afternoon nap). That’s it… all done.


Put some paper or piece of rubbish under your glue gun to catch globs of glue when your gun is off or not being used.

When running low on the used stick, add a glob of glue to your next one so you don’t have to feed it continuously as you’re focusing on your pattern.

If you want, add some crosshatching or an adhesive rubber patch on the outside to use as a handgrip when scrubbing clothes inside the bag. (I haven’t done this as yet, I will test and review my bag on a later post to see how it fares without them).


Thanks for reading and good luck with your projects, let me know how it goes. Post any adjustments that worked for you in the comments too – you just might help out another reader!


Author: mumof0ne

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